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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is absolutely necessary for any brand wanting to share its story and increase profits by getting potential customers interested in its offering. The base of any marketing program is high-quality content that connects all the small pieces of the puzzle by establishing a brand story and a unique tone of voice. Often, startups don’t have the time or resources to contribute to narrative development, content creation, or measuring metrics. CREATIVEWORLDNET can provide you with quality content for the entire buyer's journey. We tailor the content, especially for your brand, and measure its effectiveness in Google Analytics. A data-driven approach gives 60% better results rather than just trusting your gut feeling.

Content Marketing features

CM strategy

The key to successful content is a well-defined strategy. A buyer persona is a reflection of the target audience. Defining objectives and KPIs is an essential step that is used to monitor the campaign's success. Our agency will define the right content marketing goal for you, and get the most desired results where your audience hangs out!


Keywords research is crucial to ranking on Google and improving content engagement. Keywords help people to find your content on search engines. Content with relevant keywords will appear higher on the SERPs, generate more leads, increase sales, and improve ROI. That is why our agency pays so much attention to this!

Buyer's Journey

There are three main stages of the buyer's journey: awareness, consideration, and decision. Audiences can vary widely based on industry and intent, therefore buyer persona research is vital. Content formats depend on the stage of the marketing funnel. Every business has a unique buyer's journey and depending on the stage of the marketing funnel the appropriate content should be used. We can provide you with suitable content at every step of the journey.

Types of online CM

Different types of content are used to boost your brand identity, attract customers, or raise your brand's SERP ranking. It can be a blog, video, podcast, article, infographic, e-book, testimonial, guide, or how-to. Depending on your business, objectives, and budget, our agency will help you choose the type of content that will benefit your startup the most.

Content Schedule

Content scheduling makes it easier to plan and reach the largest possible audiences. Marketers use content calendars to plan consistent posts, manage campaigns, and review ongoing strategies across all platforms. Cohesive and high-quality content gets a better reach.

Analyse results

Data can guide us through the creative process by identifying target audiences, trending topics, and channel-specific preferences. The final step in content creation is analysing the data. Without it, it's impossible to know what is working or how to improve pieces of content that don't work. There are metrics to track depending on your business goals. Post-campaign metrics may include traffic, engagement rates, conversions, etc.  

Want to know which services are suitable for your startup? Get a free consultation with us.

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